Vartan Taymazyan was born on September 7th, 1985 in Yerevan. He was the elder son in the family among three brothers. Vartan’s father, Avetis Taymazyan, worked as a professional tailor when he was young. However, he was a great fan of music, especially accordion which he also played for many years. There was always a sense of music in the family where from great love to music originated, especially in the heart of Vartan. He was still a small boy when he started playing dhol and singing folk songs.In 1990, Vartan moved to USA with his family and established in the city of Los Angeles. He started mastering the piano here. In addition to music, he engaged in karate, participated in many competitions and took leading awards. He was of high school age when he got introduced with his present day musician friends. Vartan started singing at wedding parties since he was 15. After 5 years, he moved to another city and stopped engaging in music until he was 25. During that period, he studied business and worked at a law office.
However, the great love to music brings Vartan back to Los Angeles. In February, 2011. Vartan’s first recordings took place in Platinum Studios, Inc. April of , 2011 His first music video was released titled “Havata”. In a couple of months Vartan had numerous fans who sought for new songs. So, in June of, 2011, his 2nd music video called “Sirunik” was released where he sang in duet with rapper Super Sako. Later, in the beginning of 2012 his 3rd music video was released, called “Halel em”, under the production of renown composer Aram Avagyan. Today Vardan has about 17 songs and 5 music video clips. He is working on his first CD which will be released soon. Vartan leads Elite Entertainment, a band of 5 musicians. Together they conquer many stages and do great job.
Vartan’s dream is to devote all his love, his feelings and emotions with his songs and video clips to all people….